Endowment Fund

Bethany Presbyterian Church has a rich history of helping people in Grants Pass. Although our church building is modern, Bethany actually started in 1887. Some of our church outreach projects include:

  • Health Care Ministry
  • Stephen Ministry
  • Youth Programs for all ages
  • Prayer Chain
  • Bible study
  • Bethany Helpers
  • ChristCare Small Groups

We encourage you to visit our church family. We would also welcome the opportunity to discuss our Endowment Fund with you if you would like additional information. Your consideration of the Endowment Fund

Story of our Endowment

The Endowment Fund provides an opportunity to give or bequeath money or property to the church for long term use, separate from operating budgets. Earnings help support the mission and ministry of Bethany Presbyterian Church.
Administration of Funds
The Fund is administered by the Endowment Committee whose members are elected by the congregation. The Funds are managed by professionals. The principal of the Fund is invested and the income is used as designated.
Types of Gifts
You may elect to give cash, securities, real estate or personal property. Gifts may be made through trust or insurance or bequests by will. Properly structured gifts can provide attractive estate and tax benefits. Memorial Gifts may also be made to the Endowment Fund.
Use of funds
Unrestricted gifts are administered according to approved guidelines. If you plan to leave a designated gift, it would be helpful to discuss it with the Endowment Committee before preparing a legal document.
Why consider an endowment gift?
Endowment giving in a sense fulfills an obligation to the generations to come. As we have provided for the well-being of our families and for Bethany during our lifetime, we may continue to do so after our life. If planned properly, an endowment gift can be made at modest cost with tax benefits to the donor.
How does endowment giving relate to annual stewardship?
It is entirely separate. Experience from other churches was captured in the resolution which established the Fund. The concept and intention is that annual stewardship is our first responsibility. Endowment giving is separate. Gifts to the Fund are invested perpetually in income producing assets. The income from the investments is used in accordance with

Mary Silva Educational Fund

The Mary Silva Educational Fund was established in 2003 in memory of Mary Silva who was dedicated to the education of young people. Before she died, Mary made provisions for a gift to the endowment Fund that would be set aside for educational purposes. Funds for scholarships and educational endeavors dedicated to many, like the young people she loved and helped, will be available for years to come. We are deeply grateful to Mary and the many like her who have lovingly contributed financially to the ongoing ministry of Bethany Presbyterian Church.

Youth Endowment Fund

In 2004 a separate Youth Endowment Fund was set up to support the youth programs of the church.

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