What are ChristCare Groups?

ChristCare Groups fulfill three needs we all have in our lives: the needs to belong, to grow, and to receive care. We all can find ourselves wishing for a group of Christian friends who know us, care about us, and will stick with us through thick and thin. ChristCare Groups provide that kind of koinonia – a New Testament word that describes the close relationships and sharing early Christians enjoyed (see, for example, Acts 2:42-47).

ChristCare Group members encourage one another to grow as Jesus’ disciples. They pray together, search the Scriptures, and share victories and challenges as they strive to live as more fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

When ChristCare Group members suffer the bumps and bruises of daily life, they know the other group members will listen and care for them. When group members experience crises, their group is there for them, supporting them, making sure they don’t suffer alone.

There are also other small groups within the congregation that are not ChristCare groups. We have several Bible study groups and a Men’s group that meets on Thursday mornings.


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